The IKEA shelves everyone is talking about from Jared Leto’s stylish Golden Globes backdrop, Livingetc

After Jared Leto’s sleek IKEA shelf stole the show at the Zoom-enabled Golden Globes, Livingetc asked some renowned interior designers for tips on creating a home that’s worthy of an A-lister. “When styling bookshelves, I go for the less is more approach,” said interior designer Tara Benet, whose minimalist style influences her furniture and accessory choices. “When selecting decorative accessories, I tend towards a few larger pieces as opposed to lots of smaller accessories so that the shelves don’t feel cluttered.” While Leto’s shelf was full of colorful objects, Benet emphasizes the importance of matching her choices with the client’s taste: “If I have a client who doesn’t like their shelves to feel too ‘decorated,’ I will stick to nicely arranged books, a few well-potted plants, and black and white photographs to fill the shelving.”