“We went back and forth about including the Frida Kahlo portrait in this photo before deciding to make it a strong focus. This is a stately home in the Hudson River valley, and the owner decorated it in an exciting mix of styles and color. We needed to finesse things a bit —”no matter how big the room, furniture will always need adjustment to make sense from the camera’s point of view. The stylist and creative director, Anthony D’Argenzio, brought in the inspired flower arrangement that supported the color in the room.”

Tara Benet Design has teamed up with the iconic furniture brand Jonathan Adler

Tara Benet Design has teamed up with the iconic furniture brand Jonathan Adler for an ad celebrating their annual sale. Tara is a huge fan of the brand and is excited to be an ambassador for them.

ODA designs Rubik’s Cube-esque concrete block in Brooklyn, Wallpaper*

ODA’s latest Brooklyn project is newly complete, and the so-called Rubik’s Cube building at 98 Front now stands as an architectural statement in the iconic Dumbo neighborhood. The Cubist facade is more than just a minimalist expression: the square extrusions serve to provide multiple exposures and maximal natural light inside their spacious homes. These sunbathed interiors were the perfect canvas for interior designer Tara Benet, who brought her own brand of minimalist design to a model home at 98 Front. With simple choices like a wall mirror above the bed, Benet’s staging emphasizes the home’s airy interior without distracting from the spectacular Dumbo views.

You Don’t Need a Home Office to Work From Home, The Wall Street Journal

As working from home became the norm last year, the Wall Street Journal tapped interior designer Tara Benet for her expertise in crafting intimate, efficient, and bright home offices. “Any way you can open up the room, so the room feels bigger—like lots of mirrors,” says Benet. “And tons and tons of storage,” she emphasizes, referencing the tiny home office that she fit into a Manhattan studio by simply adding an “invisible” Lucite desk, a stylish pink Laclasica Chair, and a matching pink filing cabinet that doubles as an end table.

3 Window Seat Design Tips Interior Designers Want You to Know, Homes & Gardens

Homes & Gardens asked interior designer Tara Benet about window seats, one of the latest design trends sweeping the home decor scene. “Window seats are an attractive way to integrate hidden storage,” said Benet, whose minimalist design philosophy primes her to see potential ways to declutter in every facet of a room. Benet believes that window seats are great for all kinds of spaces, though she emphasizes that the need for hidden storage is especially right “for certain spaces such as playrooms, where there is lots of clutter that needs to be stowed away.” Window seat cushions present an opportunity to add a pop of color and texture to a space, building depth via simple fabric choices.


Interior designer Tara Benet put her stamp on a classic glass-box apartment at One Beacon Court, bringing the minimalist interior, with its spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows looking out at the heart of Manhattan, to life with the help of art adviser Kati Lovaas. Together, the pair selected large, stark pieces to pop out of the home’s white walls, including a massive green “X” from Philippe Decrauzat and a breathtaking painting by Gardar Eide Einarsson that covers nearly an entire wall in vibrant red. Benet’s choices of furnishings complement these bold pieces, with mostly white cabinetry and seating punctuated by bright reds and blues that please the eye without distracting from the unbeatable views outside.

You Don’t Need a Home Office to Work From Home, Mansion Global

Mansion Global asked top interior designers for tips on how to turn their already-cramped homes into offices. Interior Designer Tara Benet says that the key to creating an effective and attractive workplace is making the space feel open while providing lots of storage. For example, Benet added an “invisible” Lucite desk and matching pink chair and filing cabinet to a Manhattan studio, creating a miniature workspace with plenty of storage that blends into the exposed brick wall when unoccupied. In order to “open up the room, so the room feels bigger,” Benet hung a mirror over the adjacent sofa, flooding the intimate space with natural light.

Contemporary New York Loft, HGTV

When interior designer Tara Benet was approached by a client who had recently purchased a fixer-upper apartment in a Madison Avenue prewar Bauhaus-style building, the former painter was excited. “My client and I were on the same page throughout the project,” Benet told HGTV. “We both really wanted a fresh, open space that was still rich in antiques and collectibles.” The resulting home featured heightened doors, a new open floor plan thanks to the removal of a couple of walls. A final touch was the addition of a range of furnishings, including a large Oushak vintage rug in soft blues that served as the home’s visual foundation, and a minimalist white pedestal table with armless chairs that evoke the mid century aesthetic.

50 Minimalist Living Room Ideas For A Stunning Modern Home, Decoist

Interior designer Tara Benet’s work is often featured on lists of ways to create the perfect modern home. The painter-turned-interior designer’s signature minimalist style serves as a jumping-off point for explorations of color and texture, and her choices are always grounded in a space’s available light and views. This is especially true when she is working in glass-box apartments in New York City highrises. Take, for example, the SoHo-style living room featured in this Decoist roundup, to which Benet brought a few pops of color and a variety of rich textures with just a few choice items.

Manhattan's Elite Interior Design Firm, Houzz

Tara Benet Design has won Best of Houzz every year since 2015, and a glance over a few examples of the firm’s work makes it easy to understand why. Benet brings a painter’s eye to every room, combining a minimalist style with a love of texture and color that give her work a dreamlike quality. A Tara Benet-designed room feels light and airy, with shades of white and carefully placed mirrors catching and reflecting sunlight, making each space feel larger than its proportions. Benet works as both a residential interior designer and as the visual stylist for the luxury furniture brand B&B Italia, designing all of the showrooms in their North American locations.

Contemporary Condo With a View, HGTV

HGTV asked interior designer Tara Benet to discuss her choices for a recent interior design project in a Manhattan highrise. The home, framed by sweeping New York City views that included Central Park, presented a few challenges—for example, having just a single ceiling socket for a chandelier. “We had to do sculptural, high-wattage floor lamps that would adequately light the space without subtracting from the minimal design,” said Benet. She complemented the serene minimalism of the space’s hardwood and marble claddings with sprays of color, fur throws, and chairs to create both a visual and textural contrast.

Serene, Minimalist Bedroom, HGTV

HGTV caught up with Tara Benet about her latest project, a minimalist bedroom in a New York City highrise, and asked the painter turned interior designer how she tackled the challenges of meeting a “less is more” standard without leaving out important features. “The large floor-to-ceiling windows left us with very little wall space for my client’s furniture and TV,” said Benet, who turned the limitation into a feature by placing a floor mirror in the room’s corner, obscuring the structural column and opening up that entire half of the room. Benet mounted a TV above the client’s bronze and walnut dresser, while a large, calming art print anchors the room from its place over the head of the bed.

70 Charlton Model Home, 70 Charlton

Renowned interior designer Tara Benet staged a model residence at 70 Charlton, bringing the spacious SoHo home to life with her keen eye for color and proportion. The home’s oversized windows and light-tone hardwood flooring gave Benet a bright and airy canvas on which to paint her vision of the perfect home, and she dotted the space with warm textures and tones like brass that catch the sunlight. Benet’s training as a painter finds expression in the subtle blue theme in the bedroom, found in a supple blanket and stylish art prints that pop from the neutral bed frame and rug. The entire home breathes with natural light and open space, a minimalist paradise with just the right amount of flourish.

You can live near the celebs in these star-studded NYC neighborhoods, Curbed

As New York City’s celebrity residents explore ever-further-flung boroughs, Williamsburg has caught the fashion bug. Tara Benet Design staged a home at 539 Lorimer in the trendy neighborhood, not far from where former Disney star Dylan Sprouse and his supermodel girlfriend Barbara Palvin recently moved in together. Tara Benet’s take on Williamsburg chic brings a touch of classic Manhattan prewar style to the outer borough, accentuating the light-flooded home’s white oak herringbone floors with retro low-slung cabinetry and bringing subtle pops of color to the space with throw pillows and wall art.

A Legacy, Interiors + Sources

Interior designer Tara Benet has been specifying B&B Italia furniture since she began working as an interior designer, so being hired by the luxury furniture firm to design their showrooms was a natural fit. Design with Purpose spoke with Benet to get the scoop on Backstage, the latest innovation in casegoods that integrates lighting, storage, and style into a full closet system. “Clients drawn to B&B Italia are drawn to the same luxury in dressing themselves,” said Benet, indicating the ease with which Backstage allows users to view their clothing and themselves. “It offers a way to see yourself that inspires you and helps you show yourself to the world.”

Kips Bay Renovation Shines with Contrasting Colors, Sunlight, Sweeten Stories

Last year, a couple in Kips Bay tapped interior designer Tara Benet to help them update their aging living room. The home, perched in an I.M. Pei- and S.J. Kessler-designed tower, featured sweeping Manhattan views and a grand proportion that were being smothered beneath a decades-old, cluttered interior scheme. Benet’s painterly eye and the clients’ modern taste led to a fresh look for the space, replacing old leather loveseats and track lighting with elegant Roche Bobois sofas and two unique chandeliers, and using simple hints of color to accentuate rather than smother the panoramic views and ample natural light provided by the room’s oversized windows.

ASPIRESIDE Chat: Revitalization, Aspire

Aspire asked Tara Benet about her nighttime routine for a feature about the evening rituals of creatives. Before bed, the accomplished interior designer unwinds in her TV room with a mug of herbal tea or a glass of wine. “I don’t keep a TV in my bedroom,” said Benet, who generally falls asleep quickly after tiring days running around job sites. Benet’s bedroom is nestled deep within her Upper West Side triplex, where a sound machine distracts her from her Shih Tzu’s snoring while she sleeps between eight and nine hours a night.

Need Some Calm? How to Make Your Home More Serene, Working Mother

One of Tara Benet Design’s stagings was featured in Working Mother’s list of the best ways to create calm, serene spaces for recharging inside one’s home. The example living room features a range of fabrics and finishes aimed at providing comfortable places to rest as well as a variety of textures and materials that can help wake up the senses after a day spent starting at a computer screen. From throw pillows featuring a range of textured covers to the fur rug, leather poufs, and smooth glass tabletops, the living room hides a restorative tactile journey just below its surface.

Kate Hudson hunts for NYC rental with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, The New York Post

Tara Benet Design caught Kate Hudson’s eye when she and partner Danny Fujikawa toured a duplex at 106 Franklin Street staged by the firm. The actress and entrepreneur known for her easy style was the perfect match for Tara Benet Design’s elegant staging, which makes the most of the home’s open chef’s kitchen and expansive great room with tasteful items informed by Benet’s painterly eye. The bar stools and exposed-filament bulbs accentuate the kitchen’s rustic charm, while the neutral sectional on the home’s private patio complements the exposed red brick and green ivy that make the outdoor space pop.

Top New York Interior Designers, Home & Living Magazines

Tara Benet Design made Home & Living Magazines’ list of top New York interior designers, putting her in an elite category in her field. The firm’s entry notes that, as a painter, Benet brings an artist’s eye to her interior design work, evoking “a dream-like quality” with her use of colors on top of a formalist’s dedication to minimalism. Whether they’re updating a classic or creating from scratch in a new-construction home, Tara Benet Design specializes in bringing grace and color to luxurious spaces in New York’s top neighborhoods. Her firm’s carefully considered residences and welcoming lobbies are being enjoyed from the Upper East Side to Williamsburg.

Modern Masterpiece: The Stunning Renovation of a Chelsea Townhouse, Franz Viegener

Asked to fill the expansive interior of a seven-bedroom, eight-bath townhouse in Manhattan’s stylish Chelsea neighborhood, interior designer Tara Benet set about creating a series of discrete spaces that come together to create a home. The spacious baths were an area of special focus, including the master suite that takes up the entire third floor and was designed to feel a sanctuary—clad in sumptuous white marble with tree-lined streets just beyond the windows. Benet selected high-end fixtures from Franz Viegener to tie the baths together, bringing the touch of elegance to every polished handle, mirrored tub filler, and rain shower.

40 Manifold Contemporary Living Room Ideas That Inspire, Trendir

Interior designer Tara Benet made a name for herself by curating tight spaces around Manhattan, and Trendir featured one of her living room designs on its list of inspirational living room design ideas. Benet’s eye for color extends to her use of whites in small areas to reflect natural light and preserve clean lines to keep down clutter. Of course, picking which white is where Benet’s training as a painter comes in: Whether it’s a shade of blue or a touch of orange, Benet’s ability to find the right hue to complement a home’s flooring or window layout is just one of the many skills that puts her at the top of the interior design field.

The Minimalist versus The Maximalist, Sensual Surroundings

In the past, design trends tended to wash over the interior design profession, resulting in similar-looking homes that needed regular renovations to remain in vogue. Nowadays, though, the schools of minimalism and maximalism have become just more colors on designers’ palettes, and no one captures this better than interior designer Tara Benet. Her painter’s eye gives her an editorial style that elevates her creations above mere minimalism into a space where form meets function and nothing is wasted. Her work on living rooms in glass-box apartments in New York City is iconic for her use of neutral palettes that accentuate city views while pops of color keep the interior from disappearing entirely.

Projects, Desiron

Interior designer Tara Benet brings an aesthetic developed during her career as a painter to her interior work, creating modern spaces decked out in rich textures and dotted with tastefully colorful details. One of Benet’s most important tools is her vast knowledge of furniture manufacturers and brokers, allowing her to create unique combinations that redefine the spaces they fill. Take, for example, her placement of the angular, light-bending metallic Bowery Table from Desiron in a brick-lined dining room. With the simple choice of a table, Benet created a miniature history of industrial textures, bringing together steel and brick against the natural hardwood flooring.

Tara Benet Q & A, B&B Italia

B&B Italia interviewed interior designer Tara Benet, who serves as the visual stylist for the luxury furniture brand’s North American showrooms, to ask how she’s been handling the shift to working from home. “My job is very hands-on and I am used to working within the space I am designing,” said Benet, who now shares her home workspace with her husband. Despite being forced to use software to create her designs due to social distancing requirements, her wealth of experience has given Benet a good sense of proportion, which, combined with her intimate knowledge of the products she sources for clients, gives her a lot of confidence about the spaces she’s designing remotely.

10 Sneaky Tricks to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive, Realtor.com

Realtor.com highlighted one of Tara Benet Design’s interiors to showcase the firm’s use of varied textures to create lavish home decor schemes. Interior designer Tara Benet brings her artist’s eye to every space she creates, and she populates her minimalist interiors with carefully considered pops of color and texture that bring a rich depth to the smallest detail. Take, for example, the pair of leather poufs beside the white fur throw rug; it’s a classic pairing that adds both color and tactility to the space without taking over the neutral palette that catches and reflects the sunlight pouring through the room’s oversized windows.

Model Unit, 56 Leonard

A striking building like 56 Leonard deserves equally impressive interiors, which is why Tara Benet Design was tapped to bring life to the building’s model home. Benet paid homage to the building’s charm with classic pieces like the Eames Chair, bringing in wood and leather textures to contrast against the structural concrete columns that punctuate sheets of floor-to-ceiling glass. Benet’s signature use of varied textures and bursts of color keeps the eye focused on the cityscape outside while creating an interior that is light and airy as well as sophisticated and modern.

Hope Street, Eqpt Team on Custom Designs for Condo Buyers, Connect New York & Tri-State News, March 29, 2021 (Tara Benet)

After Jared Leto’s sleek IKEA shelf stole the show at the Zoom-enabled Golden Globes, Livingetc asked some renowned interior designers for tips on creating a home that’s worthy of an A-lister. “When styling bookshelves, I go for the less is more approach,” said interior designer Tara Benet, whose minimalist style influences her furniture and accessory choices. “When selecting decorative accessories, I tend towards a few larger pieces as opposed to lots of smaller accessories so that the shelves don’t feel cluttered.” While Leto’s shelf was full of colorful objects, Benet emphasizes the importance of matching her choices with the client’s taste: “If I have a client who doesn’t like their shelves to feel too ‘decorated,’ I will stick to nicely arranged books, a few well-potted plants, and black and white photographs to fill the shelving.”

Tara Benet Designs, The Independent

The Independent caught up with interior designer Tara Benet to get her tips for bringing the holiday spirit to luxury interiors. Benet, whose background as a painter gives her interiors a dreamy, modernist quality, recommends bright red accents as a simple and effective way of instilling a space with holiday cheer, whether that means a red pillowcase on a throw or some art books with vivid red covers. By creating neutral interiors with hits of color, Benet designs homes that can be easily transitioned between seasonal schemes while capturing and reflecting natural light to make even the smallest room feel large.

Tara Benet: Homemade Rugs Are Making A Comeback, Area

As a painter and illustrator, interior designer Tara Benet has a natural affinity for handmade rugs, often recommending custom pieces to her clients. “I’m a maker myself,” Benet told Area, going on to say that being a painter “has fueled my passion for handmade materials.” Benet, whose aesthetic can be described as having a “clean white” look, uses handmade rugs to bring warmth and texture to the opulent interiors she designs. When she isn’t helping clients design their own bespoke rugs, Benet sources antique and traditionally made rugs to use as anchors. After all, as Benet reminds us, “every room is defined by a rug.”

The IKEA shelves everyone is talking about from Jared Leto's stylish Golden Globes backdrop, Livingetc

After Jared Leto’s sleek IKEA shelf stole the show at the Zoom-enabled Golden Globes, Livingetc asked some renowned interior designers for tips on creating a home that’s worthy of an A-lister. “When styling bookshelves, I go for the less is more approach,” said interior designer Tara Benet, whose minimalist style influences her furniture and accessory choices. “When selecting decorative accessories, I tend towards a few larger pieces as opposed to lots of smaller accessories so that the shelves don’t feel cluttered.” While Leto’s shelf was full of colorful objects, Benet emphasizes the importance of matching her choices with the client’s taste: “If I have a client who doesn’t like their shelves to feel too ‘decorated,’ I will stick to nicely arranged books, a few well-potted plants, and black and white photographs to fill the shelving.”

98 Front Street Announces First-of-Its-Kind Collaboration with Tara Benet & Eqpt Residences, Lux Exposé, March 24, 2021

Buyers of select residences at 98 Front will have a little help furnishing their new abode. Thanks to a partnership between Eqpt Residences and interior designer Tara Benet, buyers of these DUMBO homes will receive a financial credit that can be put toward designing, purchasing, and installing a full interior decor scheme. Residents will envision their new interior design theme, create a photorealistic 3D visualization with help from the Eqpt Residences team, and then watch their creation take shape within their minimalist home, all the while benefiting from designer Tara Benet’s painterly eye and vast knowledge of interior proportions, colors, and styles.

98 Front Design Leads The Way In DUMBO Real Estate, Haute Residence, March 16, 2021 (Tara Benet)

As residents move into the minimalist DUMBO homes at 98 Front, developer Hope Street Capital is sweetening the deal by giving buyers a credit toward an end-to-end home furnishing solution with guidance from a professional interior designer. 98 Front has teamed up with Eqpt Residences and renowned NYC interior designer Tara Benet to bring stylish decor to every one of these DUMBO residences, giving each buyer a financial credit toward consultation, furniture purchasing, and installation. From beginning to end, each buyer will benefit from Benet’s aesthetic eye and wealth of knowledge about the Eqpt Residences catalog, helping them turn their new home into a stylish embodiment of Brooklyn chic.

Why herringbone is hot in home design, The Telegram

Interior designer Tara Benet helped The Telegram understand why so many upscale homes are featuring the eye-catching herringbone pattern in their wood and tile floors. The pattern, inspired by its namesake’s geometrically arranged scales, dates back to the Roman Empire. It is seeing a resurgence due to “a desire to bring in natural looks and materials that have a sense of tradition,” according to Benet. “Mixing old with new and modern with traditional is a way to create a space with character,” says Benet, who has seen the pattern applied to everything from hardwood floors to tile, fabrics, and wallpapers.

Tribeca Loft Conversion

This completely renovated and re-imagined Tribeca loft space was taken down to the studs and re-designed by Tara Benet Design to create an expansive family home. Enjoy it!!!


Sustainable living is one of the hottest topics amidst the design and production industries of late. A sizeable and often contentious subject, there are differing opinions and suggestions of how we must all live more sustainably. With so much to consider, we take a closer look at what it might mean to live sustainably in the here and now; why, where and how – and we speak with those from the interiors industry to gain insider insight.

9 Pet Peeves Home Stagers Have About the Way You Make Your Bed

Similarly, Brooklyn-based stager and designer Tara Benet dislikes wrinkly sheets, and she has a solution for anyone who’s not a home stager and isn’t planning to iron their linens: “We often recommend sateen linens as they resist wrinkling for a flatter appearance,” she says.

Enjoy 7 Floors of Luxurious Living in This N.Y.C. Townhouse, Robb Report

Tara Benet Design created the interiors for a lavish seven-story townhouse in New York’s in-demand Chelsea neighborhood, complementing the expansive home with tasteful decor that took full advantage of the building’s large windows and high ceilings. The neutral color palette, complete with light wood tones and carefully placed wall mirrors, was designed to catch the sunlight and emphasize the sweeping street views outside, while highlights of color, like the sprays of green from potted plants, show Benet’s eye for proportion. Some of the home’s unique spaces, like the underground pool, needed only a few throw pillows and accessories to be brought fully into their own.

Interior Designer Tara Benet in the One Beacon Court Private Residence, Architectural Digest 360

Architectural Digest 360 stopped by Bloomberg Tower for a tour of a modern condo guided by interior designer Tara Benet as part of the “Driven by Design” series. The spacious home features oversized windows with sweeping city views and an interior that complements these jaw-dropping vistas. Subtle glass lighting fixtures and neutral furniture catch the natural light, while narrow walls display large art pieces that draw the eye with vivid colors. As always, Benet’s painterly eye gives shape to the spaces she designs, with pieces like the gracefully curving lamp that playfully provides light for reading on the living room sofa.